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Demand Is Increasing

As the demand for leather increases, manufacturing shifts to developing countries due to labour & environmental costs.

Salt Becomes A Necessity
In Transportation

Shipping raw hides requires 3-6 weeks. Using salt to delay the spoilage is the oldest and still the preferred method by many today to preserve hides for transportation.

SALT OCCUPIES 1/3 of Container

Each 50 lb hide requires 20 lbs of salt to preserve for transportation. A single container of 500 salted hides requires up to 10,000 lbs of salt.

LITEHIDE Effectively
Elminates Salt

Litehide technology preserves without salt and reduces weight by dehydration, allowing up to 3000 pieces of hide per container.


Each full container of Litehide is equivalent to 3 or more containers of salted hides. Fitting more into containers and not shipping any waste material reduces costs and carbon emissions.

LESS Carbon Emissions

China and India combined have over half of the world’s tanning capacity & hides arrive from all over the world. China alone imports over 1 million tonnes of salted hides each year.
Most containers are transported by roads to tanneries which are located inland near fresh water supplies.


Salted hides need to be cleaned on arrival and this can require up to 4 gallons of freshwater for each pound of salted hide.

Traditional Tannery

The tainted salt contaminates the fresh water supply, decreases farming yields, causing real harm to living organisms and the environment.


Tanneries using Litehide can reduce their waste water's total dissolved solids by 70% and reduce freshwater consumption by up to 60%. Additional recycling systems can further reduce the environmental impact downstream.

Benefits of Litehide

  • Effectively eliminates salt in hide preservation
  • Saves up to 60% fresh water usage against traditional techniques
  • Lowers waste water total dissolved solids by 70%
  • Reduces carbon footprint in leather manufacturing & transportation
  • Lessens the impact of tanneries on the environment & agriculture

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